Odd and proud of it!!!

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Odd shaped living areas, who creates these things?

I have been on the renting side of living arrangements for quite some years now and I have currently lived in 15 houses and I cannot tell you how many lounges have been put to rest because they just did not fit in the odd-shaped living areas, it’s a conspiracy I tell you!

The furniture companies and Architects are in cahoots.

Then again who am I kidding I love shopping for lounges and furniture and everything in general.

I have just recently purchased a new home and yes you guessed it, it has a small         L-Shaped living room and I have a large round lounge. It is like the classic scenario of fitting a square peg in a round hole, it just isn’t going to fit. So I will just have to buy a new lounge Aww poor me.

One of the biggest questions I get asked is “How do I possibly furnish this ridiculously shaped living area?”

So here is some tips to creating a harmonious space in an odd room.

1.Determine what you want this room to be.

image 2.1

What activities will these room be required for? Is it sole purpose in life for watching TV or will it be used to have guest around sipping brandy and conversing about the good old days, will kids lay all over the floor building marvelous creations out of Lego whilst watching their favourite TV show and talking your ear off, or would you require a reading space with a lamp table to place your glass of wine on for easy access. Perhaps it is for all of the above, whatever the case the first step is to determine what you require this space to be.


  1. Find the focal point.

imagge 2.2

Every living room has a main focal point and this is the starting point to creating our layout. It could be the TV position, a fireplace, the center of the room or a work of art. Once this is established we are well on our way to creating the perfect space.


  1. Define your space.

Now the for the layout, working out from the focal point it is easy to establish where the seating will need to go and what type is required. The next step is to choose furniture to fill the room. Spaces and corners are often left empty and useless in odd-shaped rooms, some space filler ideas could be a lamp table and lamp, a reading nook with a large comfy armchair and floor lamp, perhaps a bar set up on either a drinks trolley or a bar cabinet. When it comes to space planning just keep in mind the traffic flow that will happen in this room, there needs to be adequate space to walk through and around. Drawing a floor plan is a great way to ensure you purchase the correct size furniture for the space. You don’t have to be Michelangelo I do my best floor plans on scrap pieces of paper and cardboard.

  1. Purchasing furniture.

Traditional Living Room by Toronto Photographers Lisa Petrole Photography

This is the fun part. It is extremely easy to get lost in sea of furniture choices once you get out there so it is always good to have a plan. Dark furniture will take up more space in a room visually whilst light furniture and reflective pieces will throw more light round the space creating a more open and spacious appearance. Always start with what you have already ie. Artwork, paint colours and soft furnishings and purchase items that will complement these items and your space.

Odd tips…

Small spaces require as much floor space to be seen as possible so choosing furniture that sits above the floor on legs is the optimum choice.

Long narrow rooms can be divided by creating separate spaces.

Contemporary Living Room by San Francisco Architects & Building Designers Butler Armsden Architects

Make odd-shaped walls blend by painting the walls and ceiling the same colour or if you wanted to increase the appearance of height in a room paint the ceiling 2-3 shades lighter than the wall colour.

Traditional Kids by Pasadena General Contractors Reaume Construction & Design

Odd walls can create dark corners or spaces place a floor lamp or use feature lighting to combat this.

Contemporary Living Room by New York Interior Designers & Decorators Mendelson Group

Well that’s all from me. Good luck with all your styling adventures please feel free to share some with me I would love to hear from you.

Happy Styling,


Styled By Me  

Spring is in the air…

Spring is in the air………………  hello spring

Don’t you just love spring?…… Everything feels so alive and re-energized, the flowers, the warm sun against your face, the fresh air, it just feels so new.


I don’t know about you but I definitely hibernate during winter, what’s that? Do I want to come out to the club for a few drinks and a dance? when what you’re really asking of me is.. do I want to get out of my so very comfy pyjamas that seem to stay on for an extended amount of time during winter weekends, spend an hour or more getting ready to then brave blistering winds and icy temperatures only to fall through the club doors looking like my choice of transport for the evening was to be strapped to the back of a pack of huskies by my ankles and dragged here with a slight detour through the snowy mountains. (not my usual confident  “I have arrived” strut)

Ummmm tempting but I might pass, instead I continue my 24 hour stint in my pyjamas and open a bottle of red and read books by the fire. Yes… that was my winter, cosy, warm and extremely lazy.

But that is over now it is time to shake of that winter feel and brighten this place up. I for one am extremely excited about this seasons trends they are just the thing to make you feel alive and brighten up those interiors ready for an energetic summer.


Picture2               Picture1

The colour palette of spring 2014 is a playful partnering of soft pastels and vivid brights. The combinations of these colours are endless and can make for a playful but sophisticated space.


SAMSUNG CSC        metal sinks        metal furn

Copper, brass and pewter will stand beside silver and gold this season with metallic industrial furniture making statement pieces in our homes.

geo cush geo chairs geo furn                                      geo furniture

Geometric shaped furniture and patterned soft furnishings will complement the spring colour palette perfectly. The versatility of this trend will be made apparent as it will be used in several interior styles.

wire furn     wire book       wire chair

Wire furniture and accessories are so much fun and perfect for small and dark spaces as they let so much light flow throughout the room and allows the floor to show through giving the illusion of a larger area.

Ombre is all the rage with hair and it  is now transitioning into our interiors.

ombre-wall    ombre cup    028fa__8-pink-curtains


I hope you are inspired to

           Be Adventurous

                                           Be Bold and 

                                                                      Be colourful. 



Christine Mcleod                                                   

Styled By Me